Introducing: Health Psychology at The University of Scranton


There’s a new group of health researchers in Northeast PA (or NEPA, as the locals say). This site is now the domain of the Clinical Health Psychology research team at The University of Scranton (@UofSHealthPsych on Twitter).

CHP Research Team 1 SMALL

Who are we?

The group is led by Dr. Danielle Arigo, who is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at The University of Scranton and a  a licensed clinical psychologist in Pennsylvania.

Research Assistants for Spring 2015

  • James Moran
  • Olivia Pappas
  • Sara Chapin
  • Natalia Juscinska
  • Jackie Cavanaugh
  • Michael Su
  • Alyssa Rodemann

Stay tuned for interviews with lab members to hear more about their interests and career goals.

What do we do?

Our primary research activities include:

  • Investigating relationships between the social environment and health/health behaviors (eating, physical activity)
  • Designing and testing interventions to improve health and health behaviors
  • Examining the use of social media for health purposes

We have three research projects currently running, which we will describe in future posts. Posts will be authored by various team members.

Thanks for following!


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