#HP284 – New Health Psychology Course at The University of Scranton


If you’ve followed our Twitter feed for the past few weeks, you will have seen tweets with the #HP284 designation. This hashtag is specific to student work in our new Health Psychology course at The University of Scranton (HP = Health Psych, 284 = course number). Several students in the course also are members of the Clinical Health Psychology Research Team.

This hashtag focused on tweets about new research in health psychology. We’re learning and tweeting about this research in the following ways:

  1. Students searched for a published research article in a health psychology area that interested them, and tweeted the topic of the paper.
  2. Students generated original research ideas that incorporated technology-based assessment methods, and tweeted their research questions.
  3. Class members attended a regional psychology conference and tweeted about findings from new research studies in health psychology (to be repeated for the Society of Behavioral Medicine conference in April).
EPA Diabetes

James Moran and Dr. Arigo at their EPA poster presentation on social perceptions in type 2 diabetes.

Keep following for more of this work, and tweet at us about your favorite new research @UofSHealthPsych.


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