Jimmy Moran is a senior Psychology and Evolution double major in the Health Psychology lab. He shared some of his ideas on health-related topics and working in the Clinical Health Psychology lab.

UofSHealthPsych: What aspects of the psychology major are most appealing to you?

Jimmy: I love that research and teaching are a huge part of the psychology curriculum. I enjoy being able to communicate about different techniques and theories in psychology with my fellow students and professors.

UofSHealthPsych: What has been the most interesting part of your experience as a health psychology lab research assistant?

Jimmy: The best experience as a clinical health psychology RA was designing a poster on Type II diabetes patients’ social Jimmy EPAcomparisons and their actual behavioral demonstrations of comparison. I even got to present the poster at the Eastern Psychological Association in Philadelphia (as you see here).

UofSHealthPsych: What are your post graduation goals? What role do you think health psychology will or will not play in your future?

Jimmy: I will be attending Bucknell University as a Masters student. I will be conducting 20 hours of research a week. I plan on taking the research methodology I have learned from Dr. Arigo’s lab and incorporate it into my research, especially social comparison!

UofSHealthPsych: How do you incorporate healthy habits into everyday student life?

Jimmy: I incorporate healthy behaviors into my life by getting a good night of sleep, managing my time so I am not stressed, and making sure I do not sit majority of my day.

UofSHealthPsych: What do you believe to be the biggest challenge to staying physically active and healthy?

Jimmy: The biggest challenge to being healthy is time. I have a packed schedule which incorporates classes, TA-ing and also conducting research. Also, it is a lot easier to grab a sandwich rather than a salad!

UofSHealthPsych: What types of songs are on your workout playlist?

Jimmy: My workout playlist is pretty odd. I have anything from Arctic Monkeys, Alabama Shakes, Florence and the Machine, to Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones. My music isn’t really pump up music, rather songs I know by heart.

UofSHealthPsych: What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring health psychologist or lab member?

Jimmy: Advice I would give to upcoming lab members would be to take Health Psychology, and be proactive and think of different research ideas, Dr. Arigo is open to exploring an array of topics.


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